Linguistriks Privacy Policy

We take pride in developing Linguistic project management system which has the power to transform your translation business. Our expertise is founded on a strong value system, the knowledge of our highly skilled staff and will to explore new ways of working.

The following privacy policy offers you with clear information as to what data we gather and how it will be used. We firmly believe that, our company has policies in place which conform to privacy regulation in numerous regions outside the UK. This policy is intended to supplement, not replace those policies. Further investigation for specific regions outside the UK may be required. If you have entered into an agreement to use the services offered by us, the terms of that agreement does govern the use and disclosure of the information and material you submit to us through those services. The agreement will prevail in the event of any inconsistencies between the agreement and the following policy.

By using our website, you are accepting the practices specific to this website and the services provided hereunder

What information do we collect?

We collect both types of information from users, “personally identifiable information (such as name, mobile number and email address) and “aggregate information (such as frequency of visits to site, sites pages most often accessed, IP address, browser type). Personally, identifiable information is any piece of information, which can be potentially used to locate a user, contact or uniquely identify. Aggregate information is anonymous /non-personally identifiable information, about users of the site. The aggregate information is usually used in a collective manner, it is difficult to identify from the compiled information.

How we use the information collected?

We may use both personally identifiable information and aggregate information to provide, maintain and improve our services. We usually use the above information to offer you relevant content, which will align with your needs.

When you contact us, we might keep a record of all your communication in order to help resolve your issues. We might also be using your email address to inform you about our varied services, but for that, prior consent of yours would be taken, only if you are interested, we will send you the information.

We also collect the information, so that we can personalize the features, functions and benefits of our services, for the user and allow the user to access our services or otherwise engage in activities, the user selects. By collecting the information, we are able to notify the user, any changes made to the site, which might affect the user. The collected information might also be used to offer better customer support to all, who use our services.

How we protect your information?

We strive hard to protect your personal information to the highest level by encrypting sensitive data using SSL. Time to time we not only, review the information we collect and store, but we also process and implement the physical security measures in order to guard against any unauthorized access to the systems.

While collecting personal information, we will use appropriate means and limit the collection of information to that which is essential for conducting our operations. We will clarify the purpose of collection and use, as well as the contact point for inquiries. We ensure our privacy policy is in compliance with all applicable privacy laws as well as regulations.

Changes to Privacy policy

The company will make changes to its privacy policy from time to time, to reflect customer’s feedback and changes in our services. We will announce such changes on our website.

We encourage you to periodically review this webpage, so that you can be informed as to how we protect your information and understand our company’s privacy policy.