A Guide to LinguisTriks Software

Digital content is being constantly created in great volumes for a diverse set of audiences. This has resulted into a parallel upsurge in the translation requirements and necessities. The increasing demand for faster turnarounds and ever-changing desires of the customers call for robust service portfolios and consistent high-quality quotients.

Such circumstances drive the language-based service industries to both enhance and improve upon their existing technologies or design and develop new ones!

One such modern and innovative tool available in the market is LINGUISTRIKS!

So, what exactly is LinguisTriks?

LinguisTriks is a cloud-based Translational Project Management System. It allows you to effortlessly track and monitor your project status and progress – Anywhere, Anytime, and from Any Device!
It uses technology and systems to automate the translation process. It streamlines your entire localization procedure with a centralized software platform that reliably delivers quality workflows.

Who does LinguisTriks cater to?

LinguisTriks can be used by language service providers (LSP), freelance translators, translation agencies, in-house and enterprise localization teams, as well as LSP customers.
The translator and the service provider can benefit, automate, and streamline the localization project with our system features, depending on the scope of work.

What are the features of LinguisTriks?

The LinguisTriks Translation Management Portal comprises of a range of translation services like:

  • Online project submissions, requests, and approvals with automated quoting and activity notifications to reduce administration time and increase the ease of ordering services.
  • Collaborative, high-context online review capability to access, complete, and report on review tasks.
  • Real-time reporting for project status monitoring, financial tracking, and linguistic data collection
  • Configurable widgets for convenient, global snapshot views of project status, assigned tasks, workflows, and much more
  • Content management system (CMS) integration through web services to automate file import and export.
  • Secure, 24×7 access to linguistic assets, services, project information, and content.
  • Team collaboration tools for information sharing.

What’s in the store for you and how do you benefit?

LinguisTriks is user-friendly, pocket-friendly, and a time savior. With features like dashboard and deadline calendar, it is all that you wish for in a software!

LinguisTriks’ system provides you with Real-time GPS tracking features, reduced translation costs and increased quality and consistency in project management. Moreover, it automatically generates workflow charts and predefined templates to save your time.

With many additional benefits, LinguisTriks leads the industry in Project Management.

Choose LinguisTriks today for its flexible and scalability to suit your requirements now and in the future! Optimize your company’s translation efforts with LinguisTriks cloud-based platform!