How to Achieve Greater Results with Less Effort?

The translation companies face numerous challenges, one of the main challenges faced by the translation companies is getting smaller orders. Smaller projects usually have a relatively shorter delivery date. The work order has to be assigned to a vendor and then it needs to billed and accounted for. The cost of handling those orders does not reflect their size or value.

Automate vendor selection

The translation companies, when they undertake small projects they need to ensure they deliver smaller projects in a short turnaround time. The companies by introducing automation, they are able to deliver in a short period. If your company also wishes to deliver smaller projects in a short period, try LinguisTriks, New Era Translation Project Management System for Free.

  1. Our Translation Project Management System, offer numerous advantages, a few of them are listed below.

  • •   Helps reduce errors and inefficiency and more importantly, it helps minimize costs.
  • •   Your company staff will no longer require to perform tedious tasks, like assignment of vendors based on pre-defined criteria, cost calculations, project related accountancy, purchase order creation and project delivery, it would be automated.
  • •   Translation companies can develop a useful insight into their business processes.
  • •   In depth reporting helps companies to have informed decision based on real data.
  • •   Customer satisfaction will be maximized, turnaround times can be brought to a minimum.
  • •   The Transparent and Measurable process can be introduced in the business.

The above list is not complete, LinguisTriks also offer’s various other benefits, they include

  1. Prepare for big challenges :

Translation companies, when they start using our Translation.

  1. Project Management System :

They can easily handle larger projects and complex projects, We help you get prepared to face bigger challenges.

  1. Help follow a plan:

Our Translation Project Management System helps your company, not to lose focus of the final big picture. Companies, must not try to introduce many changes same time, instead it should prepare a plan and introduce changes stage wise. Our Translation Project Management Software helps companies follow a plan and embrace modern practices.

  1. Thrill Clients:

Your clients will be thrilled to know that they can place orders 24/7. Yes, it is true, when you install our software, your clients will be able to place orders from anywhere and anytime and on any device.

It has also been observed few traditional translation companies initially may have a reluctance to automate their process because they may be having an outdated perception that canned responses as well as automatic job dispatching may seem to lose the human touch, which is significant in the work. But recently even these companies are open to change and explore new tools which will help automate their repetitive jobs.

Automation helps them to keep their rates low while maintaining a healthy margin, providing short turnaround times. If your company is traditional translation company and open to change, please try our software for free and achieve greater results with less effort.

If you wish to know more about LinguisTriks New Era Translation Project Management System, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We would be happy to assist you.