Linguistriks - How it helps your business?

Almost all companies, which are into translation business, dream to be, a perfect modern translation business. They wish to offer smoother translation process, deliver quality service and prefer to handle varied updates with ease. That’s not all, they also aim to have an advanced user interface, which is user friendly.

We have developed linguistriks, Interpreting and translation project management system, so that your dream can be fulfilled. We not only help you focus on your business development, but also help, take the chaos out of managing your translation business.

Another major reason, as to why we have developed Linguistriks, is to help all translation businesses, who find themselves, fighting losing battle against margins, deadlines and requirements. Our in-house IT team has helped us, develop the above product, it will help you meet varied challenges faced by the translation companies such as meeting strict deadlines, becoming adaptive to the market changes and face budget cuts. That’s not all, our product will also help you, keep track of all your projects, clients, vendors and work progress. Time to time, you can also generate varied reports and with automation repetitive tasks can be better done, with greater accuracy.

Linguistriks is a powerful interpretation and a Translation management system, it helps automate your translation process, manage various file versions, helps you, with varied project management tasks such as offering rich reporting, managing quotes, orders and prices. It offers integration with varied processes. Last, but not the least, it offers a dedicated web portal for your clients and vendors, which they can access from any device and from any location. These web portals act as effective and intuitive communication channel.

We desire all companies, both big and small to use our product and benefit. Check out how our product will help your business grow and expand.

Saves Time: Creating invoices, purchase orders and cost calculations take away much of your time. Our Product, Linguistriks, Interpreting and Translation project management system, automatically creates invoices, purchase order and also does cost calculations, all you require to do is, fill in the required fields.

Easy to Manage: When you start using Linguistriks or our product, you will no longer find difficulty in tracking all your translation memory files. Similarly, you will no longer struggle, tracking the projects based on client or project. Even though, different versions of the same documents are created, at varying stages of the project, you can easily manage them.

Dedicated 24/7 support: Our support service is available 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, ready to create your business solution.  That’s not all, we will also help you find answers to all your queries.

Prioritize: Few clients are premium clients, they are valuable as they offer more business to you. Linguistriks, an interpreting and translation project management system help you track, who are your premium clients, so that you can prioritize, this information is readily available at your fingertips.

Better control over your cost and margins: Our translation management system helps you track both cost as well as revenue, thus you can optimize your profit margins and reduce cost.

Help improve communication with your clients:  Top priority among any business is a better way of communicating with their clients. By introducing our Interpreting and Translation project management system, you can easily avoid human errors, inconsistent processes and bad communication.

So, why are waiting, if you are interested in our product and wish to know more, get in touch with us, we would be glad to hear from you.