How Automation helps Translation business?

A modern translation companies or agencies should always focus on automating work as much as possible by using Translation Management software. When they start using the above software, the project managers become supervisor’s of the managed process, and they no longer are direct performers. The automation offers numerous advantages, one best advantage is, it helps save valuable time of your staff. Your staff can now, concentrate much of their time on improving the process. Thus, It allows adding indispensable human touch, wherever it is needed.

Repetitive, as well as mind numbing actions are better done using automation rather using humans. The key role of your project manager should be communication and problem solving rather perform repetitive tasks.

Most Translation companies follow standardized set of steps, which can be easily automated with the help of Translation Project Management Software. Below, we have listed 5 key areas, wherein a translation project can be automated.

  1. Automate-Project Launch

During project launch, much of the work can be automated. For example, scheduling and terms negotiation or generating quotes based on volume and service selection. In this competitive market, delivering a quote faster than your competitors will offer you cutting edge. So whenever your staff is required to prepare a quote, do not allow them to do it manually, instead provide them automated software, like the one which we offer. It will help save time of your staff as well as your customers.

  1. Automate- Generation of Documents

    Automate vendor selection

A regular Translation agency involves itself in lots of paperwork. Their daily activities include making purchase orders, preparing financial documents, updating timesheets and other reports. When lot of paper work is involved, the process becomes definitely time consuming and errors may also arise. Delegating to automating tools help save lots of effort and hassle and more importantly, automated workflows help reduce the error rate.

  1. Automate – Selection of Vendors

All those translation companies which do not use automation, they may risk overloading their favorite vendor with too much work. But with the help of automation, one can easily verify availability calendars and match specializations. When your translation business starts using our powerful translation management software, selection of vendors becomes easy. And that’s not all, your vendors will also feel happy, because they no longer have overburdened work.

  1. Automate- Follow-up Actions

    automate flow of actions

When you introduce the automation process in your Translation business, you will get to know when a specific job is completed. Keeping track of the finished job is not only tedious, but error-prone. When you start using our powerful translation project management system, you can have automatic follow up actions, this will not only help save time but also eliminate mistakes and shorten the project duration.

  1. Automate- Delivery of the Project

If all your process steps are automated then the final task, the delivery of the project, should also be automated. Our Translation Project Management system will help deliver finished jobs to your customer in their preferred time zone.

Automation is the next big thing, in Project Management. Its produces huge impact on performance and it cannot be ignored. Managing project manually, is a thing of the past.

Act now, install our LinguisTriks Translation Project management system and automate your Translation business process, If you do not automate your processes, you stand to lose because some of your competitors may automate their processes and gain competitive advantage.